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 C AND B International Holdings Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010 in Hongkong, Shanghai Easy R-energy Tech Co.,Ltd is its sales company in shanghai.We normally through C AND B to export our products. C & B is mainly engaged in the research, development and sales of renewable energy products, engineering project management and technical advisory services. The company is formed by a team of highly qualified professionals, who have both strong technical background and market insights. All company executives have more than ten years of management experience at different well-known international companies.

Major products include: solar panels, solar home power systems , solar inverters , solar controllers , as well as accessory products such as LED lamps. Meanwhile, the company has participated in several national Golden Sun projects in china , offering engineering service and products.

Our products are sold in SE Asia , Europe and North America, and are welcomed by local customers. We are also actively exploring the African and Latin American markets.

Hope to collaborate with you to achieve a win-win.

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