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The new product

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The full name of PAYG is PAY AS YOU GO, Chinese meaning of the PAYG is cash-in-and-cash-out, PAYG products mainly through the sunlight to collect energy and transfer it to electricity.Users can connect the product to other devices, Devices can be torch, lamps , mobile phone and so on.

Users only need pay few dollars one day and then can use product for few days,when time runs out,users need to recharge the IC card at local sales point.  When the amount  accumulate to a certain amount, PAYG product will be permanently activated and user will be able to use PAYG product permanently,there is no need to recharge again.PAYG product is not only easy to operate, but also suitable for most of the people.It only cost a little money everyday,people in village or remote region are affordable about it,with little cost but more convenient.


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