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Ingeteam Spain energy company

Source:    Date:2017-11-14    Views: Ingeteam Spain energy company launches the SCARAB test plan, the use of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), assist maintenance personnel do routine check in solar power station, expect to reduce the maintenance cost and increase efficiency.
The drone USES a thermal detector to inspect the panels.Equipped with thermal camera.When solar panels get burned by the sun, cracks in the surface, or short circuits in the power generation system, the panels will be unusually hot.So Ingeteam has a thermal camera for drones.If it finds that there is an overheating of the panels, it will automatically mark the location of the panel with GPS and notify the repairman to come and fix it.
The uav is equipped with analytical software to automatically find fault reasons.Automatic analysis of fault causes the drones have installed analysis software, using the computer formula, not only can clear to calculate and report the operation status of each piece of panels, can automatically find and analyze the causes of panels, and provide feasible remedies for operators.The data collected by the drones will help companies optimize maintenance strategies and evaluate cost-effectiveness, and increase the efficiency of electricity generation in the long run.
The project was supported by technical support from castilla la mancha university.High government and eu fundingThis project not only get castilla la mancha university technical support, also for Spanish economy industrial competition and at the same time the European regional development funds, worth 648510 euros, equivalent to about 5022126 yuan.Ingeteam is expected to make its first drone test mission next year.
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