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2017 Philippine international solar pv exhibition

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Exhibition name: 2017 Philippine International Solar PV Exhibition

Name of the exhibition hall: SMX Convention Center Manila

Time of exhibition: 24th May 2017 to 25th May 2017

Philippines is a place which made up with hundreds of islands that makes it difficult for the country to expand transmission and distribution lines, it is also extremely difficult to supply and transport diesel generators in remote areas.But the Philippines is located near the equator, receives 4.5kWh/m2-5.5kWh/m2 of sunlight per day.Therefore solar power can add the viability and stability, many remote islands can use electricity by solar power.

At the same time, as the price of solar panels is getting lower and lower,the technology has become more acceptable. Government has focused on encouraging the application of solar panels in dwelling and commercial buildings.The value of the solar photovoltaic industry in the Philippines was assessed at $208.8 million in 2012 and was expected to grow to $372.6 million in 2016, with Compound annual growth rate of 15.6%.So far, most installation systems have been installed for electrification  in rural remoteareas.Key factors in the development of the Philippine PV project are high electricity prices,declining PV system costs and FIT subsidies that started from last year.It isreported that PV projects will receive access to the  PhilippinePeso at PHP9.68/kWh(about$0.24/kWh) Power subsidies.In other words, photovoltaic power generation is beginning to show results.Currently, the average retail electricity price of customers is about 11.35 Philippine Pesos per kWh (about US$0.28 per kWh) while the/cost of diesel power generation in remote island countries is as high as 28.39 Philippine Peso per kWh (US 0.70/kWh) . 

In the Philippines,due to lack of electricity supply,electricity shortage often occurs in many areas and the long term price increase has prompted the Philippine authorities continue pushing forward/investment in the power industry.Policies such as wind power and solar energy are supported by policies.According to Philippine officials recently revealed that the Philippine Department of Energy has officially approved the construction of the country's largest solar power project.

Main exhibition area:

Renewable Energy:Solar Energy(Photovoltaic Power Generation,GSP,Solar Water Heaters,Solar Air Conditioning,Solar Pumps,Solar Systems,Solar Lighting,etc.),Wind Energy,Biomass Energy,Tidal Ocean Energy,Geothermal Energy.

Energy Smart Utilization and Storage Technologies:Energy Efficiency  、Utilization,Smart Grid Technology and Equipment,Energy Storage Devices, Hydrogen Fuel Cells,Waste Power Generation,Carbon Emissions,Capture, Utilization,and Storage.

Power System:High and low voltage electrical appliances,transformers, generators,motors,current transformers,voltage transformers,power capacitors,power/transmission and distribution equipment,power generation equipment,power grid automation technology and equipment,power measurement and control systems,wire and cable,insulation Materials,measuring instruments and so on.

In the exhibition,the company's products are welcomed by the majority of exhibitors,from time to time customers came to inquire about product information,such as solar water purifier,solar power systems and so on.The newly developed PAYG intelligent payment systems captures the attention of exhibitors.

With the popularization of intelligent payment system,the PAYG intelligent payment system gradually enters the public's cause and has great potential for future development.Through this exhibition,Company get market needs,met the customers and accumulated the customer resources,laying the foundation for better sales in the future,The experience gained from this exhibition is very valuable,expecting to get better experience next time. 

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